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Linear Type Automatic 5L / 10L Big Bottle 3 in 1 Water Filling Machine Linear Type Automatic 5L / 10L  Big Bottle 3 in 1 Water Filling Machine

Capacity : 400~1000 Bottles Per Hour Bottle Sizes: 3L to 10L Function :Washing Filling Capping Machine

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This Machine specially for 3L - 10L Big bottle drinking water ,It integrates bottle washing ,filling and capping into one unit ,All parts of this machine is made of high quality stainless steel materials, it cannot cause rust to influence the filling beverage, it not only reach the standard of sanitation, but also prolong its using life.

Application :

Function :Rinsng / Filling / Capping System 
Suitable for:  Big Bottle WaterBottle sizes : 3L-10L
Filling system:  Gravity FillingCapacity:  400 ~1000BPH
Application:  Drinking water / Pure water / Mineral Water / Spring water 

Technical Data

Name :  Automatic 3L~10L filling machine
Model LGF4-4-1LGF6-6-1LGF8-8-1
Capacity: (5L)400 -600BPH600~800BPH800~1000BPH
Filling heads4 pcs6 pcs8 pcs
Suitable bottle 5L & 10L 
Compressor air 0.4 ~0.6 Mpa
Filling type Normal Pressure 
Application Drinking water / Mineral water / Pure water
Total power2.5kw4.5kw5.5kw
Overall dimensions3.4X1.2m4.4X1.2m5.4X1.2m
Height 2m2m2m
Weight     1500kg

Details Description

Rinsing part

Rinsing part

It absorb in high technology from aboard, by adopting gyration method on rinsing device, it can automatically complete working process from bottle entry, bottle rinsing, water removing to sanitized bottle out.

Filling part

Filling part

It is used in filling non carbonated water in plastic bottle .The handle of the machine can be freely and conveniently turned to adjust the machine to fill various types of bottles.,it works automatically and the speed can be adjusted to make the operations of moving bottle forward steadily and reliably

Capping part

Capping part

It connects with transporter and capping machine in line. Bottle is transported to capping machine by conveyor belt, after capping, passed by medium stand, transported to capping machine by conveyor belt, automatic cap-dropping equipment drops cap very well to seal cap. After sealing, conveyor belt puts out bottle 

Cooperation Brand

Turnkey Project

Filling System
Water Filter System
Labeling System
Packing System
Bottle Blowing System

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