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Water Treatment System

The water treatment machine is used for the water filtration and purification processing, suitable for the borehole water, deep well water,s ea water, medical use water, salt water ,brackish water, we will design the water filtration technology according to customer water source and quality report, and all equipment is with advanced PLC automatic control system, international filtration membrane brand and on line water quality monitor, with the most advanced and economic and effective system. the produced water will accordance with National drinking water quality standard and World health organization drinking water quality guidelines.

Machine Products
Water Treatment System Advantage

The reliable and stable running of the system
The low running cost
Longer life time of expensive membrane
Constant output, even after long time running
Reliable quality of the product water
No secondary contamination

Carefully choose only few chemical material for sterilization purpose
Effectively remove undissolved and undesirable chemical/Biological elements, by means of physical or mechanical filtration .

Water Treatment System Types

  • Pure water filling machine

    The water of pure water filling machine is very pure, that there is nothing inside the water, it is produced by reveres osmosis, distillation, or de-ionzation process .In some market, it is also called demineralized water

    The most commonly used raw water source for bottled purified water is municipal water, however,in practice, there are also other sources such as river water, lake water, natural spring or borehole water . in rare case sea water and brackish water are also used as source of pure water.

  • Mineral water filling machine

    Mineral water means microbiologically healthful water which originated in an underground water table or deposit and emerges from a spring tapped at one or more natural or bore exits, It is characterized by its mineral content, trace elements or other constituents, The source should be protected from all risk of pollution .

Water Filtration Types

  • Reverse Osmosis equipment

    It is the ideal equipment which is a process to push high-content salt water reverse into lower salt water by press water into ro membrane, most hazardous substances, heavy metal, soluble solid are wiped off,Then only water molecule can go through the ro membrane to be pure water, it is mainly used for the food and beverage industry, and power plants, pharmaceutical, petroleum, chemical industries .it can make water continuously without regeneration and reduce label intensity, Original imported reverse membrane, desalination rate up to 97% to 99%, removal of organic matter and bacteria 98%, on line conductivity monitoring to ensure good effluent quality, and PLC micro computer monitoring, washing RO membrane regularly.

  • Ultra filtration system

    It is process driven by pressure through the micropore screening on the membrane surface, particles and impurities with a diameter of 0.002-0.1um can be intercepted, which can effectively remove colloids, silicon proteins and microorganisms in the water, And organic matter, when the liquid mixture flows through the surface of the membrane under a certain pressure, the solvent and small molecular substances penetrate the membrane and are trapped, thereby achieving size and intermolecular separation and purification, it can be widely used in the separation, concentration and purification and substances, the process has no phase transformation, no heating, normal temperature operation, energy saving, and particularly suitable for the separation of heat sensitive substances, The ultrafiltration process is simple, with few supporting devices, simple operation and low maintenance cost, Resistant to chemical erosion, wide range of PH adaptability, largest membrane area per unit volume, lowest investment cost,simple cleaning.

  • EDI Ultra pure water equipment

    EDI-electrodeion system is a scientific water technology, in which dielectric ions in water passing through the partition move directionally under the action of DC electric field, and water quality is purified by selective permeation of ions by exchange membrane, Between a pair of electroeds of electrodizalyzer, a plurality of groups of negative membranes,positive membranes and separators (A and B ) AREA Alternately arrange to form a concentrated chamber and a weak chamber (Cations can pass through the positive membrane and anions can pass through the negative membrane), Cations in the light chamber water migrate to the negative electrode and pass through the positive membrane, and are intercepted by the negative membrane in the concentrated chamber;Anions in the water migrate to the cathode direction and are intercepted by the anode membrane in the concentrated chamber, so theat the number of ions in the water passing through the light chamber gradually decreases and becomes fresh water, while the concentration of dielectric ions in the concentrated chamber continuously rises due to the continuous influx of anions and cations in the concentrated chamber, and becomes concentrated water, thus achieving the purpose of desalination, purification,concentration of refining.

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