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PET Bottle Filling Machine Manufacturer & Supplier

As a professional pet bottle filling machine supplier and manufacturer, Alps provide both semi automatic PET bottle blow molding machine and automatic PET bottle blow molding machin, can produce high quality PET plastic bottles in various shapes, sizes, and colors, mainly used in water bottle, beverage bottle, juice Bottle, oil bottle, cosmetic bottl etc.

Alps specialized in manufacturing two–step high speed automatic linear bottle blow molding machines which are applicable in a wide range of PET packaging practice, such as for beverages, edible oil, food, pharmaceutical products and cosmetics,etc. With more than 10 years experience in developing and producing bottle blow molding machine as well as the advanced technology absorbed domestic and abroad, we have developed with our constant innovation dozens of high speed and high precision equipments which have won the top reputation in the filed. 

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PET Bottle Filling Machine Standards

As a professional pet bottle filling machine manufacturer and supplier, Alps Machinery are always implementing rigid enterprise criteria and manufacturing processes to make quality and advanced products for customers, conforming to ISO9002 quality system.

1. All of our bottle blow molding machines are designed with CAD.

2. Major parts are all processed with CNC lathes and machining centers and then fitted and assembled in the dedicated room to assure the accuracy of fitting and the cleaness of parts.

3. Most of the components and accessories are of famous brands domestic and world wide.

4. Each bottle blow molding machine must be subjected to 80~100hrs uninterrupted operation test before delivered.

PET Bottle Filling Machine Advantages

linear bottle blow molding machine is a high speed automatic PET bottle blower designed and developed with the most advanced bottle blowing technology at present, the advantages of which can be described as speedy, stable, simple, general purposed and environmental safe. It is mainly applicable in blow molding cold filling and mesothermal filling PET containers for drinking water, beverage, food, daily chemical products, etc. The machine yields abundantly with high efficiency. The capacity of each cavity has been increased when the bottle size is equal to or less than 2L, which can meet the high-end customer's requirements. Equipped with preform auto loading system, the machine works fully automatically with consistent performance and high speed, without any operator's interference during the whole processes. Accordingly, chance of contamination can be reduced manifestly, which assures the quality of products.

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