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Top 5 Tips on Buying Water Filling Machine

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The water filling machine is one, if not, the most important equipment in any water filling industry. However, with the wide range of water packing machines available in the market today, it could be overwhelming to look for the best and most suitable filling machine for your water filling plant.

Here, we will provide you with 5 tips that will help you in making the right decision.

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What is the level of automation? Semi-automatic or automatic water filling machine: the efficiency needs of your production business, that is, the rate of demand by customers influences the type of water filling machine you will purchase. The water filling machine varies according to their levels of automation, from the table top to the fully automatic water filling machine. While the table top is best for in-house and small scale production, the semi-automatic and the fully automatic machines with partial to fully automated control systems are ideal for the medium to large scale productions. However, before buying a water filling machine, you need to consider your level of production and demand from customers. 

The fluid path:

The path of the fluid (in this case water) such as the hosing material, the seal material, the fluid connection types and more should be checked and specified to make sure they are compatible with the overall sanitary requirements. The fluid path is critical as it affects how the water moves through the filler. Also, such consideration will ensure that the machine can be easily cleaned and maintained. This will ensure that the final product is of high quality and free from any contaminations.


The nozzle characteristics for the water filling operation:

Is the equipment nozzle compatible with the container? The physical characteristics of the bottle goes a long way in determining the right nozzle size of the filling machine to buy. Consider the components of your proposed water packaging container such as the shape, the height, and the opening size. On the other hand, you need to consider features of the nozzle. Such features include the nozzle seal material, the port angles, the nozzle shutoff styles, the nozzle opening sizes, as well as other custom engineering considerations.


The type of pump system: The pump is an essential element in any water packing system especially in the semi-automatic water filling machine. To choose the right filling machine, you need to expert knowledge about the pump system. Apart from calculating the capacity of the pumps to supply the required pressure, there is a need to consider what possible effects the pump may on the fluid.

Other things to consider are; the sanitation needs of the pump, the suction height, temperature, back pressure, velocity and the durability of the pump. The idea is to ensure that the pump of the water filling machine is compatible with your water production requirements.

With the wide range of brands available in the market today, it is usually challenging to select the best choice of machine for water production business. However, with these tips, you can be sure to get a water packaging machine that suits your needs. 

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