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Labeling  Machine 

Alps Machinery can supply a wide range of different bottle labeling machines, such as hot glue labeling machine, BOPP labeling machine, water bottle labeling machine, etc.

The bottle labeling machine is widely used in the following industries, such as daily chemicals, food and drinks, medicine, electronic machinery,etc, we focus on the development, design, manufacturing, for sales and maintenance services of all kinds of bottle labeling machines and bottle packing machine equipment.

The bottle labeling machine can be design to suitable for round bottles, square bottle, flat bottles, oval bottles, conical flasks, shaped bottles, vials bottle, oral liquid bottle,etc, positioning and labeling.

Labeling  Machine Types

1. Adhesive labeling machine: adhesive label, self sticker label 

2. Cold glue labeling machine: Paper label, paper-plastic composite film 

3. BOPP Hot Glue labeling machine: BOPP film, Pearl film, Paper-plastic composite film, paper label 

Automatic Bottle Labeling Machines for Sale

Machine Products

High-performance Bottle Labeling Machine Advantage

Accurate position: Medical, electronical and camera detecting positioning, which are flexible and widely applied 

Patented scratch-free infeeding devices and stainless steel guiding star wheel with well polished edges produce no scratch on the bottles 

Patented automatic non stop labeling machine for high speed labeling machine, the labeling station is synchronized with the main engine for labeling accuracy 

Each component in CNC processed for stable and quiet operation, Each has been inspected before being stocked in the warehouse to ensure mechanical precision, All the components are sealed againsta dust, All the material is corrosion resistant, suitable for industrial production ,Profession waterproof design guarantees dry operating environment for all the bearings, Container flow monitoring device allows automatic speed adjsutment

Safety doors: The machine stops automatically when a door is open ,All electric components comply with CE standards

The machine is equipped with container detecting device and automatic adjust the running speed, The labeling station is synchronized with the main engine for labeling accuracy .

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