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We are experienced in design of beverage technology and equipment, with processional technical team composed of process design, automatic control design, electric design and 3D installation design, it according to GMP, ASME and other standards which with fulfill the needs of pharmaceutical and food beverage industry 

  • Dairy/Beverage processing machine 

We offer design, fabrication, installation, commissioning and training service.  till now, already supply hundred of factories these production lines 

  • Food sterilization machine 

New design, fully automatic high-temperature and high pressure retort machine was honored the patent certification awarded by the state patent office, 

  • Biological and pharmaceutical machinery 

Fermentation tank, falling film evaporator, multi-function extractor and evaporator, Alcohol recovery tower, mixing vessel and vat, etc 

  • Pressure vessel for reacting 

Reactor, heat exchanger, separator, storage tank, etc 

Pressure range :0.1Mpa-10Mpa

  • Water treatment equipment 

Provided different requirements of water treatment production line and turnkey projects, Such as drinking water, mineral water, purified water, soften water and all other industrial use deionized water equipment Pump, Valve and pipe fittings Standard 3A/SMS/DIN/IDF/RJT/JIS/ISO

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Beverage Prepare Machine Advantage :

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