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Water Treatment Multi Medium Filter Tank Water Treatment Multi Medium Filter Tank

Capacity : 1ton ~10 ton / hour Function :Reverse Osmosis Application :Pure water / mineral water / drinking water

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Application :

Function :Multi medium filter tank 
Filter system:  Reverse OsmosisCapacity:  1000 ~10000 Liter Per hour
Application:  Drinking water / Pure water / Mineral Water / Spring water 

Technical Data

Name :  Filter Tank For Water Treatment Plant
Capacity: 500~100000Liter per hour
Filter MediaSiliica Sand ,Active Carbon,Sodium Ion

Details Description


Silica Sand Filter 

It can intercept and remove suspended matter effectively ,organic matter,colloidal particles ,microorganisms ,chlorine,odor and some heavy metal ions in water under certain pressure ,so as to reduce water turbidity 

Active Carbon Filter 

it can filter chlorine content in water <0.1PPM and has significant effect on odor,orgainic matter,colloid and iron in water 

Sodium Ion Exchanger / Water softner

It is used to remove calcium and magnesium ions from water ,when calcium and magnesium ions in water are exchanged by sodium iion ,carbonated scale and sulfate scale are not easily formed in water,thus softening water can be obtained .

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Turnkey Project

Filling System
Water Filter System
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Bottle Blowing System

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