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Ozone Generator / Sterilizer Ozone Generator / Sterilizer

Capacity: 15gram to 150gram Function: Ozone sterilizer Application: Pure water/mineral water/drinking water

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Ozone Equipment is designed & manufactured in-house to provide stable and reliable ozone delivery in high-humidity environments. sensitive electrical equipment fabricated specifically for the harsh environmental conditions found in most industrial water treatment environments.

Our Oxygen Concentrators work on the Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) principle, resulting in high purity, ~93% Oxygen feed.

Application :

Function: Ozone Sterilizer
Capacity:  15gram to 150gram
Application:  Drinking water/pure water/Mineral water

Technical Data

Product size


Ozone production (g/h)


Ozone concentration (mg/L)


Ozone power consumption (W)


input power


Working voltage (KV)


power frequency


Intake flow(L/Min)


Intake pressure (MPa)


Intake temperature (°C)


Air source dew point (℃)


cooling method

water cooling

Ozone outlet

10mm quick twist

Use air source

oxygen source

Timing method

0-90 minutes mechanical countdown

working environment conditions

Ambient temperature < 40°C, RH ≤ 85%, it is strictly forbidden to use in flammable and explosive places

machine configuration

Micro-gap discharge ozone tube, high-frequency high-voltage power supply, air compressor pump, cooling fan, control circuit (mechanical timer, working indicator light, air pump switch, ozone switch, etc.)

Main features

1. Automatic work (16 groups of timing switch settings, time error ± 2 seconds/month), which can realize unmanned operation;

2. Manual work (free switch, can be switched on and off at any time, convenient for temporary use or experiment);

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