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Automatic Beverage Bottle Film Shrink Packing Machine (Model:FPK150) Automatic Beverage Bottle Film Shrink Packing Machine (Model:FPK150)

Max Capacity : 8~12 bag / minute Bottle Sizes : 100ml ~2L Function :Packing machine

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Automatic shrink packing machine is suitable for wrapping of such products as pop-top,mineral water ,,drinks etc without bottom tray ,working with PE film shrink tunnel to pack the goods perfectly ,the whole production process adopts the Germany advanced technology ,and the main parts are imported from international famous companies ,Capacity stable and using long-time ,it consists of seven actuating motor ,through cooperation with 7 actuating motor to form the product packed with plastic film and several bottles as a group come out from the hot shrinking packing machine

Application :

Function :Automatic shrink packing machine
Suitable for:  PET bottle/Glass bottle / Pop can / JarBottle Diameter : 28~ 125mm 
Package Materail:  PE film / POF film Max Capacity:  12 bags / minute
Application:  Beverage Bottle / Water Bottle  / PET can / Pop can / Plastic cup / Bottle cap  

Automatic shrink packing machine
Automatic shrink packing machine

Technical Data

Name :  Automatic shrink packing machine
Model FPK150
Max Capacity: 8~12 Bags/ minute

Max packing size


Mini packing size


Material of shrink film

                                     PE film

Thickness of shrink film


Width of shirnk film


Equipment Power

Overall dimensions


Weight 1500kg

Cooperation Brand

Turnkey Project

Automatic Beverage Bottle Film Shrink Packing Line
Package Material

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