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Automatic Single Side Self Adhesive Labeling Machine (Model:DMT06) Automatic Single Side Self Adhesive Labeling Machine (Model:DMT06)

Max Capacity : 6000 Bottles Per Hour Bottle Sizes : 100ml ~2L Function :Adhesive Labeling machine

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This Adhesive labeling machine used for food, medicine, cosmetics, electronics, hardware, auto parts, stationery, batteries, all kinds of oil round bottles, and a variety of different specifications of the packaging products, automatic labeling machine work.


◆ for round bottle products outside the surface labeling. In the circular direction of the round bottle, can be affixed to a small half standard, half standard, more than the standard and full standard (covered with the circumference)

◆ use of man-machine interface, visual display, easy to operate. With multiple sets of memory devices, change the product without re-setting

◆ with fault display and alarm function. Stop and alarm when the label runs out or at the time of marking.

◆ parts with finishing and special treatment to ensure good quality. High precision labeling, stable performance, long service life

Application :

Function :Automatic self adhesive labeling machine
Suitable for:  PET bottle/Glass bottle / Jar / CanBottle Diameter : 28~ 125mm 
Label Materail:  adhesive label / Sticker labelMax Capacity:  6000BPH
Application:  Beverage Bottle / Water Bottle  / PET can / Pop can / Plastic cup / Bottle cap  

Automatic self adhesive labeling machine
Automatic self adhesive labeling machine

Technical Data

Name :  Automatic sleeve labeling machine
Model DMT09
Max Capacity: 6000 Bottles/hour
Label length                              10-250mm
Label height                              20-100mm
Bottle diameter Dia 28-125mm
Label material Self adhesive label / Sticker label
Electrical power0.5kw 
Overall dimensions2X1.0X1.4m
Weight 150kg

Cooperation Brand

Turnkey Project

Automatic self adhesive labeling machine
Label Material

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