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Alps Warmly Welcomes Customer from Ethiopia Visit Our Factory

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Customer from Ethiopia visited our company, sales manager Mozzie attended him. This customer is a real estate investor in Addiss Abeba and has many 5-star hotels there. Now they want to get into premium table water production line to produce their own water for hotels.


Alps has always adhered to the needs of consumers as the basis of development for many years. Ethiopia customers visited the factory and had a detailed understanding of the production process of the water filling machine. Let customers walk into the factory and see every production link, we have been practicing.


Accompanied by company employees, customers visited the company's lobby, production workshop, finished product storage, office area and other areas in turn. The guiding staff introduced the company's office production environment, current development status, and related products to customers in detail.


After visiting the company, customers gave a high evaluation of the company. As a professional water filling machine manufacturer, our company's leaders and related staff have provided detailed answers to all kinds of questions raised by customers. Rich professional knowledge and competent working ability have also left a deep impression on customers.


Through this visit, customers stated that they saw the company's overall strength and development and were full of confidence in the future development of our company. We warmly welcome customers to visit the company, exchange and cooperation!

Customer from Ethiopia

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