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Bottled Water Processing Market Analysis

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When it comes to soft drink bottle producer, the major challenge which encounters is to prevent contamination during the process. Soft drinks include all drinks made from water or mineral water, sugar, aromas, and essences, and usually contain carbon dioxide. Other beverage products such as flavored drinks, sports, and energy drinks and ice teas use a similar manufacturing process.


Industry chain

The bottled water industry chain is relatively short, from top to bottom, respectively, raw materials, production and processing and channels and logistics. Raw materials include raw water, filters, softeners and bottle raw materials PET, PVC and PE resins. The production and processing process include the production processes of purified water, mineral water, filtration, disinfection, secondary processing, blow molding, and filling of packaging bottles. The downstream of the industrial chain is mainly composed of offline and online sales channels. At this stage, the main sales channels are still convenience stores and supermarkets. The cost of bottled water raw materials is mainly packaging materials, accounting for 95%, of which PET raw materials account for more than 60%, and retail prices of more than 8 become circulation costs. Water filling machine plays an important in the bottled water processing chain.


Because of their pH level, high sugar level, low preservative content and production processes, these types of drinks are extremely susceptible to yeast and mold development. Microbial management is critical to prevent contamination. To avoid the conditions mentioned above, the bottling should be done more scientifically by the inclusion of more prominent technologies.



Bottled water processing market future forecast


The Asia Pacific is expected to witness the highest growth during the forecast period. The Asia Pacific industry is witnessing a trend of offering integrated and multi-functional solutions, due to which the need for capping, processing, filling, and packaging machines is increasing. The government initiatives about drinking water along with the increasing need for high-quality products are factors projected to propel the demand for the equipment industry. This development expected to drive the growth of this market significantly in the Asia Pacific during the forecast period. Companies such as DowDuPont (US) and General Electric (US) are focusing on organic growth strategies to compete in the market.


Also, the bottle filling equipment market in the Asia Pacific is witnessing a trend of offering integrated and multi-functional solutions, which is increasing the demand for processing, filling, capping, and packaging machines. Moreover, foreign enterprises are helping the local governments in setting up new desalination plants.


The plastic segment is expected to show the fastest growth during the forecasted period due to many features of plastics that supports this demand owing to the property of the material such as durability, safety, hygiene, and a lightness of weight have made plastic packaging popular. The upcoming trend of using plastic as a packaging material for bottled drinks includes the use of flexible packaging solutions such as pouches, which reduces the required amount of plastic resins used per package.

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