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Notice of Work Resumption for ALPS

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Dear customers and partners,


Alps restarted to serve customers on 17th February. We always pursue to be the best filling machine supplier. In order to ensure the smooth return of employees and continue to serve customers efficiently and safely, we have made great efforts.


During the spring break, Alps organized and formulated a series of measures and precautions for epidemic prevention and control Continuously notify all employees through WeChat, Dingding and other online methods to ensure that employees in all provinces and cities can grasp the latest situation of the epidemic and the company as soon as possible;


On the other hand, in order to ensure the safety of the working environment, the factory area performs constant non-stop disinfection, and temperature measurement and registration of the workers who have resumed work twice a day to strictly respond to the epidemic situation.


We are not only a water filling machine manufacturer, we can also supply turnkey project according to customers’ request, including workshop design, machine layout design, water, gas, label and bottle design. Our mission is to ensure customers’ plant properly working and help customers win their market.



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