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Plate Type Pasteurizing Sterilizer Equipment For Juice And Tea Drinks Plate Type Pasteurizing Sterilizer Equipment For Juice And Tea Drinks

Capacity : 0.5~50 t/h Function :Plate Type Pasteurizer Sterilizer temperature:85~95°C Application:Fresh milk ,fruit beverage ,alcohol

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Plate Type Pasteruizer Equipment applicable to heating ,sterilization,heat preservation and cooling etc . technology requirement of fresh milk ,fruit beverage and alcohol etc.heat sensitive liquids.The equipment has such features as high heat recovery ,energy saving and low consumption,compact structure,simple operation and convenient maintenance etc.

Application :

Function :Pasteruizer sterilizer
Suitable for:  Fresh milk & Fruit Beverage & AlcoholCapacity:  0.5 ~50 t/h

Pasteruizer Equipment

Technical Data

Name :  Plate Type Pasteurizer Equipment
Output capacity 1t/h2t/h5t/h10t/h

 Heat exchangingarea

   8m2          13m2             28m2            52m2      

Temperature of material inlet





Temperature of material outlet 

  5°C   5°C   5°C    5°C
Sterilizer temperature85~95°C85~95°C85~95°C85~95°C
Heat preservation period  25s  25s   25s 25s
Ice water temperature 1°C1°C1°C1°C
Ice water consumption3t3t3t3t
Cooling water consumption2t2t2t2t
Connection size32mm38mm51mm51mm
Energy consumption3kw5kw8kw10kw
Outlien dimensions1.5x1.5x1.8m1.8x2x1.8m2.2x2x1.8m2.6x2x2.3m

Details Description

Control methods:Semi automatic control ,full automatic control (PLC control ,touch screen display)

Main accessories:Material pump,balancing tank ,hot water system ,temperature controller and recorder ,electrical control system etc 

Production Capacity:0.5~50t/h

Sterilizing temperature :85~95°C

Heat preservation period:15~30s

Cooperation Brand

Turnkey Project

Juice Prepare System
Water Filter System
Filling System

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