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Ultra High Temperature Sterilizer Plate Type (UHT) Ultra High Temperature Sterilizer Plate Type (UHT)

Capacity : 1~20t/h Function :Ultra high temperature sterilizer Sterilizer temperature:135~140°C Application:Dairy ,tea beverage and fruit

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Ultra High Temperature Sterilizer Equipment adopts ultra-high temperature processing method ,which can strictly sterilzer and dairy, tea beverage and fruit etc, and then transfter to aseptic packaging, the sterilizer temperature can reach 140°C and the heat preservation period is 4~5 seconds ,so as to maintain the original nutrition, color and flavor of beverage and dairy.

Application :

Function :Ultra high temperature sterilizer
Suitable for:  Dairy , tea beverage and fruitCapacity:  1~20 t/h

Sterilizing Machine

Technical Data

Name : Ultra-high temperatur sterilizer
Model UHT-10BUHT-26BUHT-38BUHT-45BUHT-105B
Output capacity 1t/h2t/h3t/h5t/h10t/h

Heat exchangingarea

   13m2          26m2         38m2           55m2      105m2  

Temperature of material inlet






Temperature of material outlet 

  5°C   5°C   5°C    5°C5°C
Sterilizer temperature137°C137°C137°C137°C137°C
Heat preservation period 4s  4s   4s4s4s
Ice water temperature 1°C1°C1°C1°C1°C
Ice water consumption3t3t3t2t2t
Hot water consumption2t2t2t1t1t
Connection size32mm38mm51mm51mm63mm
Steam pressure>0.6>0.6>0.6>0.6>0.6
Outlien dimensions1.5x1.5x1.8m2.2x2x1.8m2.6x2x2.2m2.8x2x2.3m3.2x2x2.2m

Details Description

Product Description:Production capacity:1~20t/h

With such features as high heat recovery ,compact and beautiful structure ,stable temperature control etc.

Contract methods:Semi automatic control ,full automatic control (PLC control ,touch screen display)

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