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Water Cooled Screw Type Water Chiller (Model : SW115SX ) Water Cooled Screw Type Water Chiller (Model : SW115SX )

Cooling capacity : 51000 ~ 194000 Kcal/hr Function :Water cooled screw chiller

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Application :

Function :Water cooled screw chiller 
Cooling Capacity : 51000~508000Kcal/h
Application:  Beverage cooling system   

Product Features :

>Twin screw compressor brand is employed ,with high efficiency ,low noise level ,less wearing and long operation time 

>Four stage volume control 0%-100% automatic regulation 

>Use PLC microcomputer control from Germany SIEMENS, with LCD touch screen ,both English and Chinese human-machine interface

>Complete breakdown protection :high and low pressure protection ,air discharage protection ,oil level protection ,water flow protection ,reverse and lack phase protection ,chilled water anti-freezing protection ,cooling water overtop proteciton .

>Wide range of variable chilled water temperature to meet the low temperature industrial requirements 

Technical Data

Name Low temperature water cooled screw chiller (Single compressor) -5 C
Nominal cooling capacityKW58.980.0105.3113.7138.9152.6180.0189.5208.4
Run controlUse PLC microcomputer control
Power Supply380V/3N/50HZ
Startup typeY-Δ
CompressorTypeSeMi-closed 5:6 asymmetric twin-screw compressor
Refrigeration input power(kw)
Rated Current(A)36.648.059.865.679.886.997.0102.0112.3
Energy regulation0-33%-66%-100%0-25%-50%-75%-100%
Evaporator|Type Pipe dry high efficiency heat exchanger
Flow(m3/h) 10.914.819.521.025.728.233.335.138.6
 Water pressure drop(kpa)
Interface size(mm) DN50DN65DN8ODN100DN125
CondenserTypePipe high efficiency heat exchanger
Water pressure drop(kPa)
Interface size(mm)DN50DN65DN8ODN100DN125
Refrigerant volume(kg)14.820.527.329.636.439.846.648.953.4
Overall dimensionsLength(mm) 245024502700285028502850285032503250
weight Machine weight(kg)85010501150127013401430164017101780
Operating weight(kg)89011401290141015301660180018401880

Condition :Cooling water inlet /outlet temperature 0/-5℃ ; Condensate water inlet / outlet temperature 30/35℃ 

Temperature term:chilled water outlet temperature -7℃/-5℃ ;Cooling water inlet temperature 19℃~33℃

Chilled water should be added by 25% glycol water or 20% calcium chloried as anti freeze

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