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Ozonated Water: Merits And Demerits In Water Treatment

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In the world today, there is a high level of awareness on how the quality of water, food and even beverages we drink could affect our health.


This has led to an innate drive in people to seek healthier alternatives continuously.  


If you are in these shoes, then ozonated water might be just what you are looking for. It is a high-quality water treatment system and considered the best form of drinkable water as it is free from all impurities ranging from chemicals to water-borne pathogenic microorganisms.  The benefits of drinking ozonated water are huge when considered from the health perspective. Aside from drinking, this water is equally used for other purposes such as disinfection, oral-dental therapy as well as cleaning purposes.

Against this backdrop, it is important to buy your ozonated water from trusted water treatment system manufacturers or suppliers. This way, you get good value for your money.


The ozonation process

This critical process that leads to the production of ozonated water takes place naturally and can be induced in a water treatment system.


This occurs when water molecules are exposed to UV radiation; the radiation splits the oxygen molecules in water into two, making them reactive enough to form ozone.  


Once ozone is produced in water, it mops up all impurities; this is because it is a very toxic and reactive gas.  


It is meant for the atmosphere and therefore eliminates all microorganisms, which could affect human health.


Once the ozonated water is exposed to excess oxygen, the ozone gas is reverted back to oxygen, making the water very safe for consumption.

Let’s look at the merits and demerits of this process in a water treatment system.

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The Merits of Ozonation

Ø The ozonation process very effective than chlorinated and is not affected by the pH of the water

Ø With this process, you don’t need to add chemicals to the water to get it treated. 

Ø It eradicates all impurities and totally eliminates all taste and odour issues.

Ø It takes a little time, and your water is pure and fit for drinking.  


Demerits of Ozonation

Ø The ozonation process is highly expensive in terms of operational and maintenance costs.

Ø It requires very special mixing skills since ozone is not readily soluble, unlike chlorine.

Ø Since ozonation has no residual effect, the possibility of re-contamination of the water is very high. 

Ø Care must be taken during this process to avoid fire and poisoning episodes since ozone is a very toxic gas.  

Ø The by-products of this process are suspected to be carcinogens; however, research is still on to validate this claim. Also, getting a water treatment system with an activated carbon system will eradicate these products and make you worry less about their effects.


Where can you get a high-quality water treatment system?

If this is your question, then your search ends here. Our affordable water treatment systems make it easier for you to produce ozonated water at a very good price at all times.


Feel free to contact us for all your water treatment needs, and you’ll be glad that you spent your money well.

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