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The necessary production machine in the beverage production line

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Beverage machinery equipment refers to equipment used to manufacture various beverages. Generally, a complete production line is composed of many machines to process various beverages, such as water treatment equipment, bottle washing machines, filling machines, sealing machines, sterilization equipment, CIP systems, filtration equipment, packaging equipment, etc.


Development history of beverage machinery

The beverage industry is an emerging industry that has developed after the reform and opening up. It was listed as a national planned management product in 1982. The total national beverage output that year was 400,000 tons. Over the past two decades, my countrys beverage industry has grown from small to large, and has begun to take shape, becoming one of the key industries in the food industry that has a certain foundation and can better meet market needs. The rapid development of the beverage industry has made due contributions to the construction of the national economy and the improvement of people's quality of life. Drinks have become an indispensable consumer food in people's daily lives.


Beverage production equipment is produced with the emergence of the beverage industry and developed with the development of the beverage industry. As early as 1890, the United States manufactured a glass bottle filling machine. In 1912, the crown cap capping machine was invented, and then a filling capping unit integrating filling and capping was manufactured. In the early 20th century, Germany also manufactured manual filling machines and capping machines. Countries with higher technological level of beverage production equipment include Germany, the United States, Italy and Sweden. Although Japan in Asia started late, it has developed rapidly and has a certain position in the international market.

 liquid filling machine

Aseptic cold filling technology is increasingly used in beverage production. Aseptic cold filling equipment originated in the United Kingdom, and then spread to the United States and European countries. It is mainly used in the juice industry. In the past decade, it has entered the dairy and other beverage filling market.


一.Water treatment equipment

Water is the largest raw material used in beverage production, and the quality of water has a great impact on the quality of beverages. Therefore, the water must be treated to meet process requirements.


Water treatment equipment is usually divided into three categories according to its function: water filtration equipment, water softening equipment, and water disinfection and sterilization equipment.


. Sterilization equipment

Sterilization is an important part of beverage processing. Beverage sterilization is somewhat different from medical and biological sterilization. Beverage sterilization has two purposes: one is to kill the contaminated pathogenic bacteria and spoilage bacteria in the beverage, destroy the enzymes in the food and make the beverage in a specific environment, such as a closed bottle, can or other packaging container , There is a certain shelf life; the second is to protect the nutrients and flavor of the beverage as much as possible during the sterilization process. Therefore, the sterilized beverage is commercially sterile.


Beverage sterilization methods include physical sterilization and chemical sterilization.


三.Automatic bottle washing machine

The automatic bottle washing machine is divided into different types according to different situations: the way of entering and exiting the bottle can be divided into double-ended and single-ended; the conveying method from the bottle sleeve can be divided into continuous and intermittent; the method of processing bottles from the machine It can be divided into spraying, brushing and soaking.


四.Filling machinery

From the perspective of material packaging, it can be divided into: liquid filling machine, paste filling machine, powder filling machine, granule filling machine, etc.; from the perspective of the degree of automation of production, it can be divided into: semi-automatic filling machine and fully automatic filling machine Filling production line; from whether the filling material contains gas or not, it can be divided into equal pressure filling machine, normal pressure filling machine and negative pressure filling machine.


五.CIP system

The purpose of cleaning is to remove the dirt adhering to the machine to prevent the growth of microorganisms. To remove the dirt, the cleaning system must be able to provide the cleaning capacity needed to overcome the pollutants. In the same state, the longer the washing time, the better the washing effect.


For a complete filling production line, the relevant mechanical equipment processing process has been generally introduced. If there are any questions about beverage filling, we are willing to solve it for you.

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