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The Basic Process of Oil Filling Machine

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Oils are extracted from different natural resources. Oil can be extracted from groundnut, melon, mustard seed, palm fruit, palm fruit, and all other natural resources.

Everybody uses oil for one purpose or the other. Some use it for cooking, frying, and baking, among others. Some oil is meant to be applied to the body, hair, electronics, and so on.

The oil filling machine can be used for the manufacturing of all types of oil used daily by every user.

In this article, I will implore you to get sit, relax, and get popcorn or anything to chew while reading. I will take you through some basic processes of an oil filling machine.

oil filling machine

Process of oil filling machine

The oil filling machine uses vacuum filling pressure which ensures high efficiency and effective use of the machine. Below are the basic process of using an oil filling machine.

The Filling

The oil filling machine fills the bottles slowly with low pressure. Each bottle is placed under each filler. When the oil gets filled to a certain level the conveyor moves the filled bottles to where they will be properly sealed.

All bottles will be moved to the sealing process because the major objective of the filling process is to fill the empty bottles with the required oil, up to a certain level.

The Sealing

The main function of the sealing arm of the machine is to cover/seal tightly with caps. This is done to prevent the oil from spilling over.

When goods are in transit if they are not properly capped can spill off and other germs can as well find their way into the product. The next stage is labeling.

The labeling

Labels/brand helps customers with easy identification of products, how they will be used, what is used for, and the expiring date, among others. The machine places a label on each of the bottles. Once the labeling stage has been completed the next stage is the packaging stage.

The Packaging

This is the final stage of the oil filling machine. The machine picks the bottles that have been filled, sealed, and labeled into a carton or any other container that the machine is being set to use.

Once it has been filled the carton will then be sealed up/wrapped up by the machine.

The Delivery

The delivery process can be made depending on the market size and the brand of such product. If the manufacturer has a larger market size/market share, such products can be taken to various destinations within and outside the country.

Oil filling machine

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