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Difference Between Blow Molding And Injection Molding

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Blow molding and injection molding machines are very important when you want to redesign or manufacture disposable and reusable plastic products that are generally used worldwide.

Materials used for the manufacture of these plastic products vary based on the applications which range from polyethylene to polymers, polypropylene, polycarbonate, and thermoplastic. The products you achieve with these materials depend on which method your use either blow or injection molding because they differ in process.

Injection and blow molding are the best methods used for manufacturing quality plastic products, before purchasing this bottle blowing machine you should consider checking out the difference between them and how they will be suitable for your needs. A quick guide to making you understand the difference is listed below.

bottle blowing machine

1. What’s Blow molding and Injection molding

The blow molding process follows the processes used in glass blowing manufacturing, in which the blowing molding process is designed to produce high volume, single pieces of hollow objects.

If you intend to manufacture bottles in large quantities then this process is best for you, it manufactures a uniform, thin-walled container which is suitable for economic usage.

The injection molding process requires a series of detailed engineering machinery to develop quality mold products. These plastic products are produced from stainless steel or aluminum when the mold is injected with the liquid polymer at an extreme temperature under high pressure which is allowed to cool down so that the plastic products will be completely released.

2. Processes of Blow molding and injection molding

During the blowing process, the plastic tube will be heated and the air is filled in the plastic tube so that it becomes a ballon of hot plastic usually called parison then it is clamped around it and the air is filled continuously until it attains its given shape.

The size of the bottle blowing machine and the cost of production of the mold are determined by the weight of the plastic shot used for the molding process, the blow molding is designed freely between the mold halves because the mold halves comprise its wall shape.

Quality control of the materials used for the blowing molding process is essential and is very important you look out for a supplier that understands how to measure, monitor, and inspect all the processes accurately, especially those trained to do it.

The injection process is always done for the production of high volume parts and mass production of parts that are of the same type, the precision for the mold halves must be high so that the material could flow in perfectly.

The injection mold manufacture begins when the mold is successfully created, if the mold isn’t finalized properly then the injection won’t begin and the key to quality products using injection mold is to first create a mold for perfect precision parts.

3. Advantage of injection and blow molding

Blow molding

  • Blow molding cost is lower compared to injection molding

  • Machinery cost is lower compared to injection molding

  • It can achieve shapes that injection molding cannot.

Examples: Bottle water, shampoo bottle, other small bottles, automatics parts, and other hollow types of parts.

Injection molding

  • Precise and can be efficiently used for the production of large volume parts

  • It’s flexible and can easily change the color and type of materials used

  • Efficient materials are always used and the rate of scrap is low

bottle blowing machine

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