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The Advantages Of High-Pressure Pasteurizing Process In Beverage Production

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Many people acquire a significant portion of their dietary calories from beverages rather than food.

However, most of these beverages, especially those advertised as naturally sourced or healthy, are nutritionally devoid and simply deliver empty calories.

High-pressure pasteurization (HPP) has emerged as a new beverage pasteurization process that offers numerous advantages over older procedures.

HPP can also assist your laboratory in producing a safe and well-nourished beverage.

To achieve this, you need to get a beverage prepare system that permits the use of high pressure pasteurization.

Continue reading to see why you should utilize HPP in your beverage recipes.


Benefits of high-pressure pasteurization

1. Increased shelf life

Fruit juice is one of the most popular beverages, and when procured fresh, it must be consumed within a few days.

Fruit juices that were subjected to HPP, on the other hand, enjoy a shelf life for a duration of 30 days.

As a general rule, HPP can increase shelf life by two to three times when compared to non-pasteurized products.

Furthermore, items treated to heat pasteurization regularly need refrigeration as a preservation strategy.

However, HPP permits those very same goods to be stored for prolonged amounts of time without deteriorating.

2. Prohibition of pathogen growth

There are two primary reasons for pasteurizing or homogenizing any food or beverage;

1) Its ability to eradicate spoilage organisms like yeast and lactic acid bacteria; and

2) Its ability to enhance food safety by killing pathogens like Salmonella, Listeria, and E. coli.

3. Increased variety of ingredients

The capacity of HPP to promote safety while maintaining nutritional quality is an important factor that must be taken into account when selecting beverage ingredients.

Thermal pasteurization beverages should not contain substances whose quality nutrients would be cooked out since this would be a waste of resources as well as money.

HPP-treated beverages, on the other hand, may contain additives that were not previously considered in pasteurized beverages.

Another advantage of using more foods is that it reduces the need for artificial substances, either for flavor or dietary benefits.

4. Nutrition and flavor are preserved

Food and beverage companies that do not use HPP to kill hazardous bacteria are most likely using regular heat pasteurization.

The main distinction is that the conventional approach uses heat, whereas HPP employs pressure.

Heat has been known to destroy and/or damage important nutrients included in these beverages, which is a major reason for industry leaders to employ HPP instead.

HPP has been found to keep the nutritional benefits of beverages and at the same time preserve natural flavors, which no other technique can claim.

Are you on the lookout for beverage prepare system?

If you want to find out more about how to minimize the size of particles of beverage mixes for optimum pasteurization, make sure to buy a beverage prepare system from a reputable manufacturer.

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