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Factors To Consider When Selecting An Oil Filling Machine For Your Oil Manufacturing Business

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Selecting the right oil filling machine for your company might be a difficult task. Things grow considerably more tricky if you're not accustomed to the oil packaging sector.

Several variables and considerations must be considered before settling on the most effective Oil packaging equipment for your business.

With so many options, each with a unique set of features, choosing the best that matches your business goals while remaining within your budget complicates matters.

We've put together a list of the most significant features and traits to look for when buying an automatic oil-filling machine.

Considerations for choosing an oil-filling machine

1. Your container's size and kind

When selecting an oil-filling machine, it is vital to specify the type of containers you intend to fill.

Will you fill your items in bottles, tetra packs, or flexible pouches? What are the bottles' dimensions, shapes, and materials?

Is glass or plastic preferable? What type of lid or cap do you require? Press-on cap, crimp cap, twist-on cap, fill cap, spray — the options are endless.

Are you also seeking a labeling solution? If you have specified all of these needs ahead of time, it will be easy to discuss your aims with the packaging systems and supplies provider.

Your oil filling line ought to be adaptable, and capable of handling a wide range of bottle shapes and sizes with minimal changeover time.

2. Your oil product's specifications

To begin, ascertain the viscosity of the oil product. Is it semi-viscous, fluid, and watery? Is it unusually sticky and thick, or does it have another characteristic?

This will help you decide what kind of filler is ideal for you. A piston filler works better for liquid products, while a gravity filler works best for thin, fluid products.

Is your oil contaminated with particles? These could block the nozzle of the gravity filler.

Also, your product may necessitate a unique configuration.

Biotech and pharmaceutical items require aseptic filling in a sterile atmosphere, whereas chemical products necessitate fire-retardant, explosion-proof equipment.

These commodities are subject to stringent laws and regulations. Make a list of those details before selecting oil-filling equipment.

3. Filling precision

In regards to filling accuracy, automated oil filling machines have a substantial advantage. Or, at the very least, it should be!

Under-filled containers might cause customer complaints, whereas overfilling is a waste you can't afford.

Automation can guarantee filling correctness. In automatic oil filling machines, PLCs are utilized to monitor filling parameters, ensure product flow, and guarantee consistent, correct filling.

Overflow of product is eliminated, saving not only money by preserving product but also time by minimizing the amount of time as well as money spent cleaning the machine and its environment.

Partner with us for premium Automatic oil-filling machines

While there are other benefits of the automatic oil filling machine, a packager can rely on the ones described above.

Please contact us for additional details on how automated filling machines, as well as other automated packaging solutions, can benefit your specific project.

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