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How to Install and Maintain Water Filling Machine

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Filling machine is suitable for filling various mineral water, pure water, wine and other food industries. Mineral water filling machine is one of the main equipment produced by pure water plants. It is based on advanced foreign technology and is developed according to the filling process requirements of pure water and other drinks. China mineral water filling machine is developing rapidly and taking high technology to keep improving the machines.

How to install and maintain mineral water filling machine? This is probably an issue that many people are concerned about. Now, let's find out together.

Mineral Water Filling Machine

Equipment installation

1. Early understanding

The preliminary understanding is to prepare for the installation, understand the composition and operation mode of the filling machine through the information provided by the supplier in the early stages, such as plans, pictures, videos and make the corresponding preparations for water, electricity, gas, etc.

2. Equipment placement

Equipment placement includes location placement, power supply, air source, and water source installation; the following points are emphasized during the installation process:

(1)Check the completeness of equipment and accessories according to the list provided by the supplier;

(2) After the equipment is docked, the machine needs to be leveled and the foot pads locked to reduce the vibration of the equipment;

(3) The power supply needs to be safely grounded, and the air source is required to be 0.4-0.6mpa to maintain the stability of the air source. The water inlet and drainage system are stable and reliable, safe and hygienic;

(4) When the equipment is installed, the equipment supplier will arrange sales service engineers to guide and train. During this process, relevant precautions need to be recorded to facilitate subsequent equipment maintenance processing;

Equipment maintenance

Equipment failure will cause losses to production enterprises and daily maintenance of equipment is particularly important.

1. Before operating the equipment, carefully read the instructions provided by the supplier and the notes during installation, understand the principle of the equipment and be familiar with the operation methods and debugging skills;

2. To ensure the safe and stable supply of water, electricity and gas systems, a backup plan corresponding to sudden abnormalities is required; Ensure the above systems are checked regularly;

3. Mineral water filling machine is prone to leaks in fastening and lubrication when it is in the running-in period, so it should be checked and maintained in time;

4. When the mineral water filling machine is found to be faulty, press the emergency stop button in time, turn off the power when necessary, check the cause, and eliminate the fault;

5. The water filling machine has strict requirements for the operating environment. It must be cleaned before work every day to keep the equipment dry and hygienic;

6. Before restarting the machine that has not been running for a long time, you need to carefully check the water, electricity, and gas systems in place, the tightening of parts, the lubrication of the transmission system, and the replacement of wearing parts. 

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