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3 Common Problems With A Reverse Osmosis Equipment In A Water Treatment System

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A perfect way to obtain a stage of pure water that will be good for consumption is through the use of RO (reverse-osmosis) system.


Contaminants that pollute standard tap water are also sieved out and discharged by the reverse-osmosis filter.


Water is carried from an outer supplier and passed to the system by the cold-water valve that are present in the reverse-osmosis system.


Also, to guide against contamination, the cold water passes a pre-filter that helps remove solid matters which settle at the bottom of water


However, there is a part known as the RO membrane which is the most significant part that enhances the process of filtration to take place. The post-filter that is composed of carbon receives water discharged from the storage tank.


In the process of passing through this filter, the filter helps make it totally odorless. Also, when the tank gets filled the shut-off valve helps preserves the water and this storage tank is capable of containing about 3 gallons of water.


The faucet releases the water after it has gone through the whole process of filtration. Since the RO system is continuously used, it gets weak and start giving little problems.


The RO system does not only need to be serviced and tidied from time to time but also the storage tank after doing the RO system necessary maintenance should be sanitized to keep the water from having any taste.


There is need to also have the frequent water cleaning servicing done. Not failing to state that little problems occurs in every RO system, which maybe is believed you have started experiencing them. But below are answers to solving these little problems you might have encountered.

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Three usual RO Problems with Their Solutions!

ü Offensive odour and taste in water

What results in offensive odour of water is when the water is stagnant, exhausted filters and weak membrane.


The exhausted parts is simply needed to be changed, then the water will regain it good taste.


Also, there's need to change the water storage from time to time so to help minize the bubbles and air.


ü Noise caused by the faucet

This remains another usual challenge that occurs in a RO system. The very cause of this is mostly when setting up a new system and or if air is forced out after the replacement of filter cartridges.


Though you shouldn't panic as the noise will slowly minize after a week. Also, if need help, you reach out to an expert for help. Frequent water servicers is another way of handling and keeping your RO life.


Pro Tips: There is one thing to be done if the noise continues - the tubes should be adjusted straight and also seek out for space in the system.


ü Unusual slowness in the flow of water

This issue has to do with pressure, checking the quantity of water should be done from time to time to see if it has reduced.


With the use of pressure gauge, carefully increase it 6-8 psi if discover the water pressure has reduced.


At times, the tubes found in the tank becomes weak to keep the pressure, at this point the entire tank need be changed.


From the foregoing, you might have acquire enough knowledge to service and maintain your RO system if problem arises at anytime as we believe you can solve them.


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