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Types Of Blow Molding Process

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Do you need to make different plastic products like toys, receptacles for electronics components, and cans for food or drinks?

A Bottle blowing machine is exactly what you need. This machine uses various types of blow molding processes to give you the products you desire.

Blow molding with a bottle blowing machine is a very cost-effective way to produce high-quality plastic bottles in large quantities.

The blow molding processes make use of hot or cold gas to create plastic materials of different shapes. The molten plastic flows into a steel cavity, where it cools and hardens.

This article aims to shed more light on the different types of blow molding processes majorly used.

Here are the four main processes through which blow molding is accomplished.

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Extrusion blow molding

The most popular kind of blow molding is done by extrusion. Bottles and containers made of plastic, including those for soft drinks and food, are produced using it.

Extrusion blow molding involves heating the material which causes it to expand when it cools. In the middle of the component being formed, a cavity develops as a result.

After being released from its initial form by heat, the liquid plastic can then be used to fill the cavity. It will then harden into shape when it is cooled again (i.e., by cooling).

Injection blow molding

Molten plastic is poured into a mold during the injection blow molding process. Once the mold is sealed, the mold cavity is filled with compressed air.

After the mold hole has been filled with molten material, the air expands the plastic and fills it, allowing it to cool fast.

Because they can be produced quickly and readily using affordable materials, injection blow molds are frequently employed to produce small-scale objects like toys or drinking bottles.

Stretch blow molding

Stretch blow molding is a type of blow molding process that uses high pressure to stretch the material and create the shape.

It is used in many industries, including food packaging, automotive parts manufacturing, and medical products (such as prosthetic limbs). Stretch blow molding can also be used for making apparel such as shirts or suits.

Rotary blow molding

Rotary blow molding is a process that forms bottles by blowing the plastic into a rotating mold. The rotational speed of this type of machine can reach up to 2,000 revolutions per minute (rpm).

This creates an extremely high pressure inside the bottle during its production and makes it impossible to produce flat-bottomed or straight-sided containers with this method.

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