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The water purification stage as an aspect of the beverage production process

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Water is an essential element in the beverage manufacturing process. It makes up about 80 percent of the entire volume of the liquid. It is also important to mention that the spoilage witnessed in the beverage is also associated with the state of the water used in the production. 

water purifier machines

Hence, water is a vital component of the entire beverage production process that needs a lot of attention. The quality of the water in the production should be given utmost priority. To achieve this, there are phases in the production process that needs to be scrutinized. One of them is the source of water used in the beverage manufacturing process. In most case, the spring water is an appropriate natural water source. 

But then, another challenge that is phased is the safe transport of this water from the identified source to the plant and to the beverage production line. There is one way to achieve this. It is by purification. The water stored in the reservoir needs to be purified completely before it channeled into the beverage mixing process. 

What quality tests must the mineral water pass?

The spring water is extracted without having suffered any exposure to possible contaminating phenomena; still, it preserves many minerals and properties of the land, which is why we subject it to strict quality controls before being suitable for consumption as bottled water. 

The spring water must successfully comply with all the regulations, as well as receive approval to be registered. Once the use of spring water has been requested from the competent mining authority, the water is purified to convert it into mineral water.  

The water purification process consists of extracting a good sample of liquid (up to 1.5 liters) to identify and eliminate bacterial indicators of contamination, which can affect our health. It is essential to list the quantities of these substances in order to compare them with the standardized values established in the water quality regulations. This gives us the necessary information to know the degree of contamination or purity of the water.

The application of the water purifier system

The good news is that there are machines to achieve this purification process. This is the water purifier machines. The purifier is, in most cases, integrated into the entire beverage bottling line to ensure that production is carried out more efficiently. 

The sanitary registry guarantees the quality of beverage produced.

Once the water filtration has finished, the entire beverage production process continues. The next phase would be the packaging process which involves several stages; the filling phase, the capping phase, the labeling phase and the packaging or finish phase. The volume of the production will depend, to a large extent, on the type of bottle filling machine that is used for the packaging process. 

What follows after this phase would be other registration and formal or legislative processes such as certifications and compliance to sanitary standards. The sanitary registry, however, is another means that organizations guarantee the quality of the beverage produced. 

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