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Step-by-Step Working Process of a Gallon Water Filling Machine

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Filling machines are for filling the manufactured product into the packaging for proper shipping. A gallon water filling machine is a type of liquid filling machine which could be manual or automatic. Manually it's difficult to fill gallons; however, workers could fill bottles using a manual filling machine.

The water filling machine not only fills up the water directly into gallons; instead, it involves a stepwise procedure of washing, sterilization, filtration, filling, and capping. The working principle of the water filling machine is similar to the other filling machine.

Working principle of gallon water filling machine

The gallon water filling machine works behind the phenomenon of entering the high-pressure water into the gallons because of its weight.

The filling process is all about the pressure game; when the air pressure inside the gallon becomes equal to the water pressure filling it, the process becomes stable, and gallons fill up without any wastage of water.

Step-by-step working process of a gallon water filling machine

The whole procedure of a gallon water-filling machine involves many steps to provide people with clean and healthy drinking water. Following are the steps followed by the filling machine;


Analyzing the nature of filling material

Filling machines have different working principles to fill the right product in packaging. First, ensure the nature of the product because it will help you decide which filling machine will remain suitable for your product.

Estimate the production goals.

Before filling the water into gallons, achieving production goals must be considered. Production goals are set based on the given order or the need for gallons per minute.

Estimating the production goals will automatically speed up the procedure and increase production efficiency.

Washing of the filling containers

After considering all the factors that affect the filling efficiency, gallons are fixed to the rotary stand, where high-pressure water washes out the gallons and inverts to remove water from them.

Water filling from the mineralization section

When entering the filtration plant, water is first sterilized and then sent towards the filtration section, where the raw water is filtered once, and then double filtration will be performed. From the filtration section, it is sent toward the treatment section, where ozonation is performed.

After ozonation, reverse osmosis is performed, and then finally, in the mineralization section, healthy nutrients are added.

From the mineralization section, water is finally added to the bottles fixed on the rotary stand in an upside-down direction for exact quantity filling.


On the same rotary stand, the filled bottles are automatically flipped down upright but remain attached to the stand. Capping is automated also and performed right after filling to avoid any kind of water wastage.

Labeling and shipping

Finally, the labeling machine applies labels to the gallons to discriminate one brand from others. After labeling, the production unit ships the water gallons.

Gallon water filling machine mostly works on the principle of high pressure and need to consider production goals for efficient working. You can get this machine from our website.

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