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Shipment Of Complete Water Filling Line Machine With SGS To Kenya

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Advancement in technology and the era we are has brought a lot of changes to our world and most especially the complete water filling production line.


Different type of machines has been invented for the production and manufacturing of goods compared to what we had in the 80s.


The invention of these machines has eased the burden of humans; it has reduced human labor and makes production stress free and easy.


One such unique machine is water filling machine. As an experienced and renowned manufacturer, we have a year in, year out invented machines which are used in the water filling line.


Also, our excellent ability in bringing out machines that are capable of replacing human effort has made our machines to be outstanding in the markets.


As a reputable manufacturer of water filling machine, we have gained a lot of customers over the years and we have remained trustworthy and reliable to our customers. And this is what gives us the privilege of manufacturing until today.  


Our promise of giving the best to our customers and serving them right has helped to retain all our customers till today.


Most importantly, the usefulness of our machines to our customers also made them refer us to other customers which have to make us outstanding in machine complete water filling production line and in the market.


As a result of our well-known qualities and experience, we have served different countries such as the USA, UK, Australia, Germany, and Canada with machines which are used in complete water filling production line.


The demands and effectiveness of our water filling machine use in water filling line has made one of our customers in Kenya to call on us for shipment of water filling machine.


Our team has been working to unleash their potentials in giving our customers the best they can ever get in water filling machine for water filling line.


As our team has done with other customers from different countries in the past, so also it was the case with our Kenyan customer who was left speechless with the magnificent , and automated water filling machine we shipped to them


We are sure that the achievement of our next shipment to Kenya will draw many prospects to us, and it will make our product gain more grounds and acceptance in the industry.


As it is the normal procedure, we received specifications from our Kenya customer for a complete water filling line with a capacity 7000bottles/hour for 500mL to 2Liter and with utmost quality.  And which should be manufactured with premium spare parts.

Shipment Of Complete Water Filling Line Machine With SGS To Kenya  Shipment Of Complete Water Filling Line Machine With SGS To Kenya

These specifications were agreed upon through the guidance of our experienced manufacturer.


Sometimes, customers will give specifications that may not be suitable for their production but with the help of our experienced team, they will be able to reach an agreement on some specifications which will suit our customers' complete water filling production line.


This, our team has done for years and our customer is always stunned at the outcome of the quality of product shipped to them. And as it is the case with us, our recent shipment to our client in Kenya was a jaw-dropping product with great success.


After a thorough test and evaluation of all the parts of the water filling machine, the complete equipment was shipped to our client in Kenya where it was successfully installed and running.  


SGS testing


Our client’s feedback?

After the successful shipping of the machine to our Kenyan client, it was an impressive delivery, and they had this to say…

“Zhangiiagang Alps Machine Co. Ltd. remains a trusted manufacturer of high-quality water filling line we look forward to buying more water filling machine from. Their high level of expertise with a quick turn out on the product delivery without a compromise in quality is really commendable. We look forward to working with you again”



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You can rely on us to deliver and give you the best water filling machine for your water filling line. We are a reliable and well-known manufacturer with a good reputation.  Looking forward to doing business with you.

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