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Overview of Gallon Water Filling Machine

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Technology advancement brings better things to the world, including better ways of healthy living. Gallon water filling machine provides better of holding water for different uses in offices and homes.


Besides, a Gallon water filling machine is used to produce bottled waters that can hold water of different volumes of 3 – 5 gallons. Some models also produce a bottle with a capacity of 100 – 2000 B/H.


A quality Gallon Water Filling Machine from a reputable and renowned manufacturer has the capacity to produce quality bottles. Besides, there are adequate supports for the proper operation of the machine.  


Read on to get a proper understanding of the working principles of the Gallon water filling machine and other important things about this important machine.


Production Process of the Gallon Water Filling Machine

The following steps will give you a deeper understanding of the production process of the Gallon water filling machine.

· The empty barrels are conveyed properly using the conveying belt into the decapping machine

· The decapping machine removes the bottles caps

· The bottle caps are cleaned, disinfected, and recycled.

· The conveyor conveys the barrel into the external washing machine with a brush. The brush washing machine properly rinses the barrel with pure water and hot alkali.

· The barrels are sent to the filling capping machine for rinsing of the inside with disinfectant liquid, hot alkali, and pure water.

· The barrel is then filled with pure water that is provided by the water treatment system.

 Gallon Water Filling Machine

Maintenance Of The Gallon Water Filling Machine

The following tips are important for adequate maintenance and operation of the Gallon Water filling Machine.

1. The Gallon water filling machine is automatic, the bottle size and the cap should be the same.

2. Test for any abnormal rotation of the hand by rotating the handle before starting the machine.

3. Use appropriate tools to adjust the gallon water filling machine. Ensure that excessive force or tools are not used to dismantle the machine parts.

4. After adjusting, screw the loosen screw properly before starting the machine. 5. Keep the gallon water filling machine clean after use. Ensure that no debris, liquid or glass cluster around the machine.  


Installation Precautions Of Gallon Water Filling Machine

The following precautions should be taken during the installation of the gallon water filling machine.

1. Check the machine properly after removing from the box to ensure that there is no damage during transit.

2. Install the material components and the incoming components following the shape as specified in the manual.

3. Lubricate all the necessary parts appropriately with new lubricating oil.

4. Turn the machine handle to confirm if it is running in the clockwise direction.

5. Ensure that the water filling machine stays on the ground.


Benefits of Gallon Water Filling Machine

The benefits of a Gallon water filling machine are numerous. However, some of them are:

· High Precision

· Easy operation

· Simple structure

· High Productivity

· Low maintenance costs


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