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Injection Vs Injection Stretch Bottle Blowing Machine

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During the production of various plastic bottles for the packaging of various liquid products, bottle blowing machines are usually used. When used, these machines give the exact shape, which is exactly what is needed for the proper packaging and branding of a product.


However, there are various types of bottle blowing machine, which are used in the manufacture of plastic bottles. More so, each of these types of blowing machine works in different ways and this makes their product different and unique from one another.


Well, before choosing a type of bottle blowing machine for your containers, it is important to consult a reliable and highly experienced manufacturer for the best equipment. With this, you will be sure that you are investing in the right place where you can have true value for your hard earned money.


So, let’s take a quick look at the different types of bottle blowing machine as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each one.


Injection blow molding machine process

In injection blow molding machine (IBM) process, the plastic to be blown is molded by the injection into a core pin, which then rotates into a blow molding system for the inflation and cooling of the blown plastic. This type of bottle blowing machines are used mostly for the product of single serve bottles and other small medial bottles.


During the blowing of plastic, the entire process carried out by the injection blowing machine is usually divided into three phases thus;

1. Injection

2. Blowing and

3. Ejection


Advantages of injection blow molding machine process

The injection neck produced from this process is highly accurate.


Disadvantages of injection blow molding machine process

1. Bottles produced from this process doesn’t have handles


2. There is usually no increase in the strength of the barrier since the material used is not stretched biaxially.


3. Can only be used in the production of small bottles since it is usually hard to control the center alignment of the base during the blowing process.

 bottle blowing molding machine

Injection stretch blow molding machine

This type of bottle blowing machine has two major ways of blowing bottles namely; single stage process and the double stage process.


Single-Stage process of injection-stretch blow molding machine

In this case, both the production of the preform as well as the blowing of the bottles are carried out all on the same machine.


With this method, the old method that consist of 4-stations including injection reheat, stretch blow and ejection is eliminated since it is very expensive.


However, the single-stage process is usually ideal for the production of bottles for carbonated drinks since they increase the strength of the bottle.



It is very good for short runs and in the production of small amount of plastic bottles. This is so because since the preform is not always released throughout the entire process, the wall thickness of the preform can be shaped evenly, especially when blowing non-round and rectangular bottles..



There is usually a restriction on the design that can be made on the bottle produced. For instance, when production bottles for carbonated drinks, only a base like that of champagne base that can be produced.


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