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In 2020, the Beer Giant Will Change the Soda Water Grid

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Pay more attention to health. Consumers (especially millennials) have a stronger sense of health, and they are willing to try new, healthier alternatives to traditional soft drinks.

With the decline in soda consumption, we have seen more and more brands develop soda products. Healthy drinks such as plant water, kombucha and functional drinks are also becoming more popular.The beer filling machine driven by it is also trusted by the majority of consumers.

Hard calories, low calories, low sugar and low alcohol content are also very popular with consumers. Brands ranging from bottled water to beer offer new hard candy aquatic products. Automatic beer filling machines are available that are making the process even more easier.

These brands are acquiring hard candy water companies. Sales of non-alcoholic or low-alcohol versions of spirits, wine and beer are also increasing. From 2013 to 2018, non-alcoholic wines, spirits and beer are expected to grow the fastest among alcoholic products.

With the strong development of the global economy, consumer interest in more expensive beverages remains high. Beer filling machine production line is actually seeing a rise as compared to the years before, which is remarkable.

Since many different roasters from around the world can be used, consumers are eager to become coffee connoisseurs.They go to a local coffee shop to pour a cup of coffee, although this may be twice the price of regular drip coffee. For home brewing, they buy whole-bean coffee from a single source, and the retail price is usually more than twice that of traditional mainstream brands.

The growth of high-quality mixers is also particularly noticeable. These zero-alcohol, zero-calorie drinks are made with exotic herbal ingredients. They carry price tags that reflect these high-quality ingredients, and consumers are willing to pay for them.

Beer and soda are no longer the only drinks in the can. Canned wine, hard candy soda and cocktails have all become mainstream.They allow consumers to easily drink their favorite products in the location of their choice and get the immediate satisfaction they want.

Ready-to-drink (RTD) beverages (such as cold-brewed coffee and cold-squeezed fruit juice) have also become more popular because they have convenient functions to carry around and are suitable for a busy and healthy lifestyle.

Used directly in consumer products. Just as jars provide convenience, so do companies that deliver alcohol in 60 minutes or less.

Sustainable development and environmental issues related to excessive packaging and disposable plastics are affecting consumer decisions.

beer filling production line

Beverage companies are responding to these concerns and becoming more environmentally friendly. Disposable plastic water bottles have always been a concern, especially considering the growing popularity of bottled water. The company began to change its packaging to more environmentally friendly options, including aluminum cans and cartons.

Alcohol producers also use alternative energy sources to brew distilled alcohol, reducing factory waste and eliminating plastic packaging.

By reducing their impact on the environment, they can use sustainable development efforts as brand differentiation factors in advertising campaigns.

In the beverage industry, this is an exciting time. We see that new changes in traditional beverages are quickly adopted and new concepts are becoming more and more popular. As large beverage companies adjust their product portfolios to reflect changing consumer preferences, I hope  beverage machinery industry will undergo further changes in the future.

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