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How do Shrink Wrapping Machines Work?

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Shrink wrapping is a procedure where an item is wrapped in a free sleeve or envelope of loose shrink film, and heat is applied to shrink the wrap firmly around the product. The result is a tight, crystal clear wrap around your item. Shrink wrapping is typically stronger than alternative wrapping solutions like overwraps or stretch wraps. They also conform more tightly to the product shape, usually simply producing a thin amount of plastic over the perimeter of your goods.


Shrink wrapping can either be done by a heat gun or through specialist packaging machinery. For businesses, a shrink wrap machine is vital to efficiently and quickly wrap as many products as they can in as short an amount of time as possible.


What kind of shrink wrapping machinery you need for your business will depend upon understanding your current wrapping process and what you want to achieve. You will need to think about the motivation behind the wrap, how quick is the generation procedure, what range of sizes are required and how fast a changeover is required. Whatever the need, there will be a shrink wrapping machine created to meet the application. If you would like to discuss individual requirements then we can help you to understand which packaging machine and shrinkwrap film options may be best suited to your needs.


How a shrink wrapping machine operates depends on the type of shrink wrapping machine involved. The three significant kinds of shrink wrapping machines are the chamber sealer, the L-sealer, and a side sealer.


Chamber sealer

A chamber sealer puts the product with the shrink wrap film through a compartment, or chamber, where the shrink wrap is ready to be wrapped around the product. The compartment is heated, so the shrink wrap then compresses, surrounding the product and forming a protective layer. The time this process takes depends on the thickness of the plastic.

 shrink wrap packing machine


An L-Sealer is specifically designed for larger volumes of shrink wrapping. If you are using one of our automatic L-sealers, once plugged in and set up, you feed your product through the machine.

The L-sealer has two sealing bars, which make a backwards L (hence the name). The shrink film folds along these bars to create a pocket through the crease of the fold for your products to enter. Once your product is placed in that crease, the other three sides of the shrink film need to be sealed. The shrink wrapper detects when a product is entirely in the machine to know when to wrap your items with shrink film before pushing it further down the production line. Afterwards, typically a shrink tunnel in the production line takes the unheated shrink wrap that has been attached to each item and heats up the wrap until it tightly fits around each product.


Side sealer

A side sealer is the quickest and most versatile way of packaging large volumes of products. They wrap products in a continuous tube of film, sealing one side of the package then separating individual units downstream through a cross seal. Side sealers usually come in one of two configurations: two belts or three belts. A two belt sealer is more compact (only slightly bigger than an L-sealer) and eliminates one of the infeed belts to make the end seal before the side seal. They are best when you need to wrap longer products but cannot afford to expand production line lengths. Three belt sealers are slightly larger than two belt sealers and have the added advantage of precisely spacing the products before entering the wrapping area.


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