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Customer from Greece Enjoyed A Wonderful Trip in Alps

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Customer from Greece visited our company, we have a long-time discussion for the complete bottled water production line, including bottle design, layout design, working capacity and so on. Finally, we made contract with customer and we lead them to see the beautiful view in Shanghai.

Accompanied by the main person in charge of each department, Greece customers visited our sales department, R&D department and our workshop. The customers visited and used the 5-gallon water production line on site. They were amazed by the good performance of the equipment. They decided to purchase our valve grinding machine and valve cutting machine on site.

After this on-site inspection, the customer stated that he saw the company's overall strength and was full of confidence in the future development of our company. This inspection laid a good foundation for the cooperation between the two sides. They hope to achieve complementary win-win and common development in future cooperation projects!


Greece customers showed strong interest in our PET bottle blowing machine as well. They have the willing to purchase the machines in next cooperation.


Alps has over 20 engineers in researching department and over 60 staff for machine manufacturing. We are a leading enterprise in research and production of beverage filling and packing machines. Alps - you deserve to trust!

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