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Components and How to Choose the Right Can Filling Machine

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A can filling machine is also one of the liquid filling machines. When a product is well-packaged customers easily get attracted to such product which helps in boosting sales.

After working all day long, most people will want to have a chilled drink. This can be a carbonated drink or beer; it all depends on the customer’s choice.

In this article, I will take you through some of the components of a can filling machine and how to choose the right one.

Components of can filling machine

The components of a machine are what make up a machine. The following are the components of a can filling machine:


The basic function of the hopper is to hold the product that feeds into the containers. It works based on the type of machine the manufacturer is using. The sensor also helps in determining the number of products contained in it.

Measuring cup

The measuring cup helps in taking the required liquid measurement which is to be filled in the container.

Filling head/nozzle

The nozzle is where the item is dispensed from before being filled up in the container. It is normally connected to the hopper through the tube.


The sensor helps in ensuring that containers are placed in the right position and it is to be filled at the right spot.

No product will be dispensed out of the positioning as well.

PLC Control system

The parameters for the filling process are controlled on this touch screen control device. It has been included in the device for a seamless, effective functioning process.

Mechanical drive system

A linear or rotational motion can be produced by the filler equipment's mechanical motor drive depending on its design. Mechanical motors are used to drive all of the filling engine's moving parts, including the conveyor plus gears.

can filling machine

How to choose the right can-filling machine

Gravity pumping

Gravity pumping is frequently a quick and affordable option for liquids with lower density or froth. This filling method works by holding the liquid above the bottles that need to be filled and letting gravity pull it downward.

Overflow filling

With only tiny volume differences, the overflow filling concept is unique in its ability to fill bottles to the same level.

This aesthetically pleasing evenness is crucial to attracting customers to retail items packed in clear containers.

Piston Filling

Thin or thick liquids with a variety of apparent viscosity can be used in piston filling systems. They can also handle semi-solids and liquids containing particles.

Delivered from such a bulk tank that may also be set up with a buffer tank using a level-sensing float, a manifold with direct draw, or recirculation techniques, they pump goods into containers in extremely exact proportions. 

Pump Filling

The engines that can transport even the thickest materials, including those that drip, stretch, or include big pieces, are called pump fillers.

Pump fillers can handle watery, low viscosity solutions just as well as things like honey, salsa, or car wax, despite their reputation for working well with these materials.

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Having gone through the components of a can filling machine, you must have been able to deduce that a can filling machine has a whole lot of merits in line with its components.

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