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Are Gallon Water Filling Machines Here To Stay?

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With the recent trend of awareness of the benefits of drinking large amounts of water for not just skin and health benefits, I can boldly say yes Gallon filling machines are here to stay. With recent challenges trending everywhere such as the drinking of one gallon of water for a clearer skin, there has been a high demand for large volumes of water.


The demand has steadily grown as consumers now tend to order larger volumes of water than the smaller ones such as bottled water.


Water production companies are now producing water in sizes such as gallons and litres (ranging from 4 litres to 10 litres)  to supply to their consumers. Such a huge volume of water is used not just for drinking purposes but also for cooking. The filling of Gallons are not done manually but with the aid of a gallon filling machine. This is a more hygienic process and a better  and cleaner alternative to using tap water.


Advancement in tech companies improves the well being of people in the world, gallon water filling machines promote better means of watering in various homes and offices. However, it’s used for the production of bottled water that can keep water up to 4-5 gallons of water volumes while some other company produces gallon of 500-1000 BPH capacity.

 gallon filling machine

A good, reliable and reputable manufacturer has the ability to produce quality bottles because they have good and maximum support for the operation of the machine.


Before buying Gallon filling machines always read on the usefulness, importance and use the guide for proper functioning of the machine.


A step by step guide on how the Gallon filling machine is produced. So therefore, these steps listed below will give a full knowledge on how the gallon water filling machine is operated.

● They usually start with moving the empty barrels using the transport belts into the decapping units and then make sure the barrels are washed thoroughly with a brush washing machine and rinsed with hot alkali then pure water.

● After the rinsing it then transferred to the cap filling machine for rinsing of the inner part with some disinfectant liquid , hot alkali and pure water

● Finally the barrel is the filled with water from the water treatment system


Maintaining the Gallon filling machine

The following listed below are essential for proper maintaining and functioning of the machine.

1. It is a fully automated machine, so must make sure that the bottle size and cap are the same.

2. Always ensure you test for the abnormality of the rotator using your hand by rotating the handles before starting the machine.

3. Also ensure you use the right tools to adjust it, don’t use too much force or tools to pieces the part of the machine. It might cause malfunctioning of the machine. 

gallon filling machine

Here are some precaution that should be noted while installing the Gallon water filling machine

1. Make sure you check if the machine is removed from the box to be sure if there are no damages during transit.

2. The materials and the incoming components must be installed as described to produce the right shape

3. It necessary to lubricate all the necessary part with lubricating oil

4. Always make sure the gallon water filling machine is on the floor

5. After booting up the machine check if the handle runs clockwise


Why you need a Gallon water filling machine

They are many advantage of using gallon water filling machine, few of it are listed below;

● It easier to  operate

● It maintenance cost is low

● High work productivity

● It possess greater precision

● It structure is simple


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