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7 Types of Water Treatment Methods

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Do you know the water treatment methods?Today we will discuss about 6 types of water treatment methods.

1. Softened water treatment technology

There are two commonly used technologies for softening water. One is to remove calcium and magnesium ions from water by ion exchange resin to reduce water hardness; the other is nanocrystal technology, which uses the high energy generated by nanocrystals to remove free calcium and magnesium ions in water. Packed into nano-level crystals to prevent free ions from generating scale.

2. Activated carbon adsorption water treatment technology

Granular activated carbon is more commonly used, mostly in essence, coal, nut shells and other carbonaceous materials are made by chemical or physical activation methods. It has many micropores and specific surface area, has strong adsorption capacity, can effectively adsorb water in organic pollutants and also can effectively remove some metal ions in the water.

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3. RO reverse osmosis membrane water treatment technology

RO reverse osmosis is a kind of pure water machine that can be directly consumed by human beings produced by filtering the raw water without adding any compound through the current internationally popular reverse osmosis and other methods. The water quality is in line with the "Drinking Water" Water Quality Sanitation Code. It is a very effective water treatment technology and is currently widely used in the market.

4. Microfiltration and ultrafiltration water treatment technology

The microfiltration method is a microporous filter membrane made of cellulose or polymer materials, using its uniform pore size to trap microorganisms, bacteria, colloids, etc. in the water, so that they can be removed without passing through the membrane, and can filter micron or nano-level particles and bacteria.

5. Distillation water treatment technology

Distillation refers to boiling water, then collecting steam, cooling it and condensing it into a liquid. Distillation is extremely safe drinking water, but there are some problems that need to be further studied. Because distilled water does not contain minerals, this has become the reason why opponents propose that human life is prone to aging. In addition, the use of distillation is costly, consumes energy, and cannot remove volatile substances in water.

6. Ultraviolet sterilizer water treatment technology

Ultraviolet is a kind of light that is invisible to the naked eye. It exists on the outside of the ultraviolet end of the spectrum. Modern ultraviolet disinfection technology is based on modern epidemic prevention, optics, biology and physical chemistry, using special high-efficiency, high-intensity and long-life ultraviolet. The light generating device generates strong ultraviolet light to irradiate the water stream. When various bacteria, viruses, parasites, algae, and other pathogens in the water are exposed to a certain dose of ultraviolet light, the cells in them will be destroyed. Under the circumstances, the bacteria and viruses in the water can be killed, and the purpose of disinfection and purification can be achieved.

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7. Ozone water tank self-cleaning disinfector water treatment technology

Ozone is a good disinfection material. The ozone gas produced by the self-cleaning disinfector of the ozone water tank has strong oxidation and catalysis, and has a strong killing effect on various bacteria and viruses. The effect and speed of ozone disinfection and sterilization are better than ultraviolet, chlorine and other chemical disinfectants, and no secondary pollution. The current ozone water tank self-cleaning disinfector technology has been widely used internationally.

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