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The Complete 9000 Bottles/Hour Pure Water Filling Line in Malaysia

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In January 2024, a groundbreaking achievement was unveiled in a Malaysian factory: the installation of a state-of-the-art pure water filling line. This advanced project boasts an impressive capacity of 9000 bottles per hour for 250ml and 450ml PET bottles, alongside a capability of 3200 bottles per hour for 1.4L PET bottles, marking a significant milestone in the factory's production capabilities.


Focused solely on the production of pure water, this turnkey project incorporated a comprehensive list of cutting-edge machinery. The lineup included a Water Treatment System, PET Bottle Blowing Machine, Filling Machine, Labeling Machine, Film Packaging Machine, and various auxiliary machines. Each component was carefully selected to ensure optimal efficiency, reliability, and quality in the production process.


Demonstrating a commitment to swift and efficient project execution, the entire installation, including all necessary machines, was completed within a remarkable 90-day timeframe from the order placement. Before being dispatched to the factory, each machine underwent thorough testing in our workshop, ensuring they met the highest standards of performance.


Insight into the meticulous testing process can be gained through machine test videos from our workshops, accessible here: 

Machine Test Video. These videos showcase the rigorous quality assurance measures and technical expertise involved in the project.

Additionally, the successful installation and operation at the customer's factory is a testament to the excellence of the pure water production line provided by Alps Company. The on-site engineer played a crucial role, offering professional debugging and comprehensive training to the factory workers. This ensured not only the smooth running of the machinery but also empowered the local team with the knowledge and skills necessary for sustained operational success.


The project stands as a beacon of innovation in the beverage industry, showcasing how advanced technology, expert collaboration, and a commitment to quality can combine to deliver exceptional results in water production.


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