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The Complete 8000 Bottles/Hour Carbonated Drinks Filling Line in Africa

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In July 2020, a groundbreaking project was realized in an African factory: the installation of a complete carbonated drinks filling line capable of handling an impressive 8000 bottles per hour for 500ml bottles and 3000 bottles per hour for 1.5L PET bottles. 


This project marked a significant milestone in the factory's ability to meet the growing demand for popular carbonated beverages including Coca-Cola, Fanta, Energy Drinks, Sprite, and soda water.

The turnkey project involved a comprehensive list of state-of-the-art machinery including a Water Treatment System, Syrup Melting System, Blending System, Carbonation System, PET Bottle Blowing Machine, Filling Machine, Labeling Machine, Film Packaging Machine, Steam Boiler, Water Chiller System, Air Compressor System, CO2 Storage System, and more. This array of equipment ensured that every aspect of the beverage production process was optimized for efficiency and quality.


The commitment to expedited delivery and installation was a highlight of this project. Within just 90 days after the order was placed, all necessary machines were installed and rigorously tested in our workshop. By June 2020, the factory was ready to start selling its products in the market, showcasing the swift and efficient execution of the project.

The installation process was complemented by machine test videos from our workshops, which are available for viewing here: 

These videos offer a glimpse into the meticulous preparation and quality assurance that went into the project.

Moreover, the successful running of the machines in the customer's factory is a testament to the quality of the equipment and the expertise provided by Alps Company. The on-site engineer provided professional debugging and comprehensive training for the factory workers, ensuring smooth operation and optimal performance. Witness the machines in action at the customer's site here: 

This project stands as a shining example of innovation and efficiency in the beverage production industry, demonstrating how advanced technology and expert collaboration can come together to create remarkable results.


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