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Complete Oil Bottling Plant In Peru - D’oro Oil

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Complete Oil Bottling Plant In Peru - D’oro Oil

Complete Oil Filling Line Project is installed in Peru factory in September 2021, with a capacity of 12000 bottles/hour 1Liter bottles.

D’oro Oil 1.jpg

Complete line starts from bottle unscrambler, bottle filling & capping machine, labeling machine, carton box packaging, weight checker, and pallet stretch wrapper.

D’oro Oil 12.jpgD’oro Oil 121.jpgD’oro Oil 1212.jpgD’oro Oil 12121.jpg

90 days delivery time after order, We connect all the necessary machine and test in our workshop. In April 2021 . We run the machine test with cooking oil,all test is with high precision and good performance.

The following are the machine test videos :

The following is the machine running videos in the customer factory. Thanks to the oil bottling equipment provided by Alps Company and the dispatched engineer, very professional debugging and training of their workers for operation .

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