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Cleaning Liquid Detergent Plant In Mexico - WILESE Cleaning Liquid

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Cleaning Liquid Detergent Plant In Mexico - WILESE Cleaning Liquid 

WILESE cleaning liquid1.jpgWILESE cleaning liquid.jpg

Today we will show a cleaning liquid solution plant from Mexico, which has been running for 3 years from 2020, they provide good quality cleaning liquid for the South American market.

In March 2019 ,(90days after order ).we connect all production lines in our workshop for machine test. We will test all line in our factory and show to use from A to Z for the complete line, the following is the cleaning liquid line test videos.

In August 2019, the installation was finished successfully.

WILESE cleaning liquid2.jpg

The complete line will include the water purification system, cleaning liquid mixing and blending system, steam boiler, bottle filling and capping, labeling machine, carton box packaging machine, and automatic robot palletizer system and wrapper.

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